Monster Monday – Krampus

There is no war on Christmas. If anything, there’s a war on Halloween. “What are you talking about, Carl?” I hear you ask. “Did you take your medicine this weekend? I know you forget sometimes when there’s a break in your routine.” Thanks for looking out for me, but no I’m not crazy or under-medicated. As least not any more than usual.

Last week I decided to give ye olde Netflix DVD service a try again. It’s been several years (the address they had for me was crazy ancient) since I dropped my last Netflix envelope in the postbox. Anyway, I figured renting DVDs (instead of buying them) was the best way to watch TV shows that haven’t made it onto Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime.

I constructed a decent DVD list and placed 2015’s “Krampus” a few months in so I might receive it around Christmas time. Well, looks like Netflix is keen on Christmas coming early this year, because they sent me “Krampus” ahead of an entire anime series and a movie franchise I was hoping to catch up on. YAY?

It was probably for the best. I’m a big chicken. And I’d been putting off watching horror films recently. I mean, I was talking about maybe getting around to watching something scary, but the films and TV episodes that “Krampus” leap-frogged were not creepy. I polled some of my horror-movie-buff friends a while back regarding a list of films I should watch to write about. “Carl, why do you have a website about creepy things if you are such a scaredy cat?” It’s a really good question. I don’t really have an answer.

Anyway, the list my friends came up with was not very long (all of them suggested “The Babadook,” for example), but it did look terrifying. “Krampus,” on the other hand, looked manageable. And this past Friday I had no more excuses. Krampus was sitting next to my Blu-ray player in its little red envelope. So I watched. And it was wonderful.

But this isn’t a movie review. This is Monster Monday. And this Monday I have decided to showcase some Krampus art. Enjoy

Krampus by FStitz on DeviantArt

Krampus by FStitz on DeviantArt

Krampus by Hungrysparrow on DeviantArt

Krampus by Hungrysparrow on DeviantArt

Meet The Krampus by prosurvival on DeviantArt

Meet The Krampus by prosurvival on DeviantArt

Mythical Monday 23 – Krampus by Gregg Gunn

A Krampus In My Stylus by JeffLeeJohnson on DeviantArt

A Krampus In My Stylus
by JeffLeeJohnson on DeviantArt

The above image is a throw-back to this past Christmas when I made Krampus cards for my friends.

I hope you enjoyed this Super Early Christmas edition of Monster Monday. I promise not to mention Christmas again until after November.

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