Monster Monday – Skulls

I have a skull fixation. Leafing through my sketch books I’m confronted by a memento mori on just about ever other page. A skull is often the first thing that springs to mind when I’m faced with a blank sheet of paper.

(This part of the post used to have a row of Skeletor gifs, but they were cut for time reasons.)

Since it’s mostly photos of drawings from my sketch books, my Instagram feed has its fair share of #skull posts. Take a look.

Mind blown. #dailysketch #skull #skeleton #sketchdaily #mindblown

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13 July 2015 #dailysketch

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I’m not sure why I draw skulls. I do love Skeletor. It might also have something to do with Captain Bones. Perhaps by drawing skulls I’m attempting to assert power over my childhood nightmares. Maybe it’s a way to address the growing dread of adulthood and my fear of my own mortality. Maybe skulls are badass. 🎃

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